About Us

Like all great businesses, the concept for VeriShip was born out of a specific solution to a complex challenge. One of our sister companies ships many packages overnight with a national carrier. When the packages were late, the effort to recoup costs via guaranteed service refunds was utilized. It soon became evident that the process was labor intensive, cumbersome, and inefficient. This realization led the company to explore using technology to develop a solution.

Developing the solution was not easy, but certainly proved worthwhile, and VeriShip was born. Today, VeriShip is a cloud-based parcel audit and intelligence company providing innovative parcel audit, intelligence and engineering solutions. More than 2,500 clients have uncovered significant cost savings using our turnkey software for real time analysis and benchmarking of parcel spend.

Since inception, our client base has grown to represent over $1.6 billion dollars in annual volume audit. We also have a connected community of CEO’s, CFO’s, business leaders, client traffic managers, transportation professionals, and accounting professionals to facilitate the creation of crowd sourced solutions in the areas of logistics, accounting and supply chain. VeriShip uses this knowledge, couples it with data, and makes these solutions available to our clients.

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