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We Hold Parcel Carriers to a Higher Standard

VeriShip is the leader in parcel shipping intelligence. We use actionable data to reduce your shipping costs and optimize your future parcel spend.

Our proven parcel auditing and intelligence technology is a no-risk and high reward opportunity for companies to recover the dollars that belong to them. We audit and analyze your shipping processes to uncover opportunities for potentially massive savings based on unfulfilled parcel promises. And then we prevent them from happening again.

Sound simple? It didn’t start that way. In fact, it all started when one of our sister companies was struggling to recoup parcel costs via guaranteed service refunds. To solve that problem, we developed a proprietary, cloud-based parcel audit technology to streamline the process and identify areas for savings. Today, more than 5,400 customers use our technology to uncover cost savings of their own—and we’re just getting started.


Where it Began

It started when our sister ecommerce company felt the pain of operational inefficiency. Like a lot of growing companies, we were willing to put up with some of it. But, all of the customer care pain was coming from the carriers which created an ongoing frustration we had to mitigate.

An Empathetic Birthday

The journey begins. VeriShip was founded by a parcel shipper tired of carriers delivering all of his company's customer service pain. We empathize with our customers because we walked in their shoes.


The process of design, development, ramp-up, and marketing, comes to fruition and the VeriShip Intelligence Platform software is commercialized.


VeriShip releases free custom reporting providing in-depth data analytics on customers shipping history.

G/L (General Ledger) Coding

Another year of experience unveils a solution to help our customers code and classify their packages with G/L Coding.

The Proof is in the Data

The ecommerce company thought their $4 million in shipping volume carrier contract was getting a 10% discount, and that was not the case. It's hard to know what good looks like, so we started Contract Engineering.


Achieving goals - VeriShip adds an additional 1,000 customers. Not to mention, we coined the term, 'Parcel Intelligence,' and announced the industry's first Contract Simulation Engine.

Continuing the Journey

We out grew our first home and moved to a bigger office in Kansas City, MO. We hit the ground running in our new home, making innovation history and fun memories with our company culture. The new digs have plenty of room for the VeriShip family to grow.

Parcel Intelligence Bundle

New year means new solutions that provide even more savings and operational efficiency. We continue to push the innovation envelope by invigorating our solutions with a new suite of tools to make it easier for our customers to pay, track, and allocate their shipping expenses. VeriShip is proud to introduce the Parcel Intelligence Bundle, paving the way for greater efficiency and savings.