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Parcel Audit

Invalid surcharges eat away at your bottom line. Automatically detect billing errors and secure refunds you’re owed.

Your Parcel Shipping Fees, Simplified

Parcel Audit is a parcel shipping audit, analysis and refund solution designed around your business.

Whether you’re spending $200,000 or $20 million, we analyze your packages, patterns and fees to help you reclaim up to 30 percent of your annual parcel spend. We take care of everything, which keeps your IT, accounting, and operations staff focused and productive.

  • We sort your shipping fees and surcharges by carrier, parcel and service type – and tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.
  • We simplify your data and make it easier to read, report and record in your accounting systems.
  • You only pay a fraction of what we save you.

We’ve advocated for more than 5,400 companies over 15 years and recovered $40 million+ dollars for our clients. And we can help you get smarter about shipping, spending – and saving.

Your Shipping Refunds, Made Easy

No more worrying, overpaying or chasing down refunds. No out-of-pocket costs or IT involvement. 

Getting signed up for your free trial is easy:

  • Give us your login credentials for your FedEx, UPS and DHL accounts.
  • We extract your shipping data and analyze it for potential refunds.
  • You receive refunds each month, and you only pay us if you save.

Fast Setup, No Long-Term Commitments

Parcel Audit is our free, always-on service that gives you everything you need to understand your parcel shipping spend, so you get your money’s worth – or your money back. 

Sign up is free and easy. You gain a whole new perspective on parcel operations, and get a much better handle on what you’re spending and why.

Spend smarter and start saving, today.

Ready to get back what’s yours?