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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Shipping News

During the COVID-19 crisis, VeriShip is compiling up-to-date shipping news and advice to best serve our customers.

COVID-19 Shipping News

Carriers, 3PLs see ‘Amazon Effect’ on shipper visibility expectations Supply chain professionals are now expecting similar updates to what they get from B2C e-commerce sites More

Supplier diversity will help businesses large and small recover from pandemic Access to customers and vendors is key to a comeback More

The pandemic is playing to almost every one of Amazon’s strengths Amazon’s sprawling business demonstrates the company’s hold on consumers of all types More

Shipping inconsistencies plague nonessential eCommerce Shipping has become a guessing game for customers More

Truckers warn supply chain in jeopardy if they don’t get better COVID-19 protection Truckers fear for their safety without protective equipment More

Amazon Prime customers turn to traditional retailers for fast shipping Amazon delays continue as the company prioritizes the shipment of medical supplies More

FedEx 8-k filing shows financial concerns How the carrier is responding to coronavirus-related business challenges More

Instacart workers are planning to strike until the company gives them hazard pay and safety gear Potential strike comes just as service’s use heats up More

How Can’t-close retailers are keeping workers safe Six lessons from grocery stores and other essential businesses More

Driverless delivery van startup sees demand surge amid outbreak Autonomous transport is getting an unexpected boost More

Supply-chain recovery in coronavirus times—plan for now and the future Workers go to work for fear of losing their jobs More

“Terrified” package delivery employees are going to work sick How supply-chain leaders should act in the short- and long-term More

DHL Global Forwarding declares force majeure, reserving the right to modify services. The group said all aspects of the ocean and air supply chains are “impossible to predict or control” in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. More

COVID-19: Tracking the Impact on FMCG, Retail and Media As coronavirus spreads, Nielsen is tracking consumer behavior to help retailers understand the status of each market, as well as how to best respond. More

Amazon Temp Shift to Essential Items for Coronavirus Rocking FBA Sellers Sellers who rely solely on FBA scramble to find new partners. More

Facebook Funds $100M In Grants For SMBs Affected By Coronavirus The company is extending a total of $100 million in cash, as well as credits for advertising, to a maximum of 30,000 eligible small businesses. More

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources Get tips from the U.S. Small Business Administration to support your business during this time. More

Carrier Service Alert Archive

COVID-19 FedEx Shipping News - FedEx planes at airport

FedEx™ Shipping News

FedEx update on safety

In response to the outbreak in Italy, governments in Italy and Saudi Arabia have extended restrictions and limited carrier activities into and out of impacted regions. Existing containment measures in Italy continue to impact service throughout Italy. A number of airlines have suspended flights to and/or from Italy. The Saudi Arabian government now prohibits the arrival of flights originating in or passing through airports in Bahrain, Egypt, Emirates, Iraq, Italy, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon and Syria. More

FedEx updates previous surcharge effective April 6 on all FedEx Express and TNT international parcel and freight shipments. Submission of export declaration documents for Personal Protective Equipment PPE required for outbound shipments from China. More

FedEx suspends money-back guarantee for all FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight and FedEx Office services worldwide effective immediately until further notice. More

FedEx considered essential business, asks shippers to confirm businesses are open before sending packages or redirecting to Hold at Location address. More

There is a temporary service suspension in place for all shipments traveling from Europe or China to the U.S. Additionally, all shipments from Europe to Canada and LAC will also be suspended. More

FedEx is suspending requirements for most signatures in the U.S. and Canada, effectively immediately, until further notice. More

COVID-19 UPS Shipping News - UPS plane unloading parcels

UPS™ Shipping News

UPS update on its COVID-19 practices

Peak Surcharges On Certain Domestic Products Starting Sunday More

UPS surveys SMBs about the effects of COVID-19 More

UPS Podcast: Healthcare logistics in the age of coronavirus

There may be delays in shipping to the Philippines, including Metro Manila. UPS has resumed services in most of mainland China, excluding Wuhan city. More

UPS delivery operations have been designated critical infrastructure by governments throughout the world. More

A temporary peak surcharge will be implemented on certain shipments originating from China Mainland and Hong Kong SAR to the Europe, U.S. and America regions starting from April 5, 2020 until further notice. More

Effective March 24, 2020 and until further notice, the UPS Service Guarantee is suspended for all U.S. origin shipments (U.S. Domestic and International) at any service level. More

COVID-19 USPS Shipping News - screenshot of USPS mobile app

USPS Shipping News

USPS Statement on Coronavirus

Updated International service disruptions May 22, 2020 More

Postal unions are backing USPS coronavirus stimulus funding to maintain ‘essential service’More

USPS may only have 3 months left to operate because of coronavirus, according to lawmakersMore

COVID-19 Amazon shipping news - parcels at Amazon warehouse

Amazon Shipping News

Amazon to hire an additional 75,000 workers More

Amazon extends return window, asks independent sellers to do the same More

Amazon suspends delivery service that was to compete with UPS and FedEx More

Amazon to postpone Prime Day event More

Amazon workers plan strike at Staten Island warehouse More

Amazon closes Kentucky warehouse after state order More

Amazon has advice for handling packages safely More

Amazon is pushing back delivery dates for nonessential orders More

Letter from Jeff Bezos

Amazon is prioritizing fulfillment center space for high-demand goods like household products and medical supplies. To facilitate this, new shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers are halted through April 5. Learn more on this seller help page.

Amazon Prime and grocery are experiencing significant delays. More

Amazon says it won’t dock warehouse workers for missing shifts during coronavirus crisis, which will inevitably lead to FBA delays. More

Amazon Seller Central advises sellers on the effects of COVID-19 on their businesses and how to stay in good standing. More