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FedEx Benchmarking

Successfully Negotiate a Better Deal with FedEx Benchmarking Data

More often than not, when shippers request to renegotiate their carrier agreement, they lack the FedEx benchmarking information they need about shippers of similar sizes, shipping profiles, and industries to effectively negotiate. If you don’t have access to comparable numbers from other shippers, you face an uphill battle with the carrier to optimize your parcel spend.

That’s why arming yourself with FedEx benchmarking data is critical to driving results for your business. VeriShip utilizes a data-driven approach to optimizing your carrier agreement – with FedEx benchmarking information from thousands of customers gained from more than a decade in the industry, we have the data and experience to ensure our customers succeed in their carrier agreement negotiations.

Carriers like FedEx drive their revenues through various surcharges and accessorial fees, so parcel shippers must be strategic about negotiating better rates on these charges. Although these charges aren’t going anywhere, they can be negotiated to much more manageable and balanced rates with proper FedEx benchmarking.

VeriShip’s customers access the most cutting-edge FedEx benchmarking data available and save 10% or more of their parcel spend. Our data scientists have spent more than a decade helping shippers with engineer solutions designed to save them money, and provide ongoing value through benchmarking and monitoring of potential savings in realtime as carriers update their complex pricing year after year. To learn more about how access to our proprietary FedEx benchmarking data can help you successfully negotiate better rates with your carrier, contact VeriShip.