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The pressure is on as FedEx and UPS inflate their shipping rates each year to keep pace with the economy – also known as the GRI.

  • Improve and offset rate increases
  • Strengthen your shipping operations
  • Outsmart your competition

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The GRI Pressure Is On: Is Your Business Prepared?

The 2020 General Rate Increase is an illusion.

While FedEx™ and UPS™ announce a General Rate Increase each year, it’s just that–a general rate.

This year’s GRI formula is not exclusive to your industry.

Just as your shipping profile is unique, your business’ GRI will be, too. The GRI was not designed to account for your frequent shipping surcharges or common pain points.

Outsmart your competition.

Use the pressures of four historic GRI pain points to your advantage.

One shipper could see a 0.96% rate increase while another could see a 91.88% increase. With variable GRIs, it is crucial that your business knows what GRI to expect and how your business can plan for it.

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