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Case Study: Kendra Scott Design Inc.

Transportation teams at Kendra Scott optimize efficiencies with the VeriShip Intelligence Platform™.

Kendra Scott understands that while parcel auditing is important, it’s also imperative to identify and address root causes in their parcel spend to improve operational challenges. This goal is accomplished by relying on parcel data and insights provided by the VIP.

How does Kendra Scott use the VIP to continuously improve their shipping profile? Download the case study to find out.

We really like the functionality of the VIP, I would recommend it to others. It’s easy to learn and has a bunch of different reports you can use. You can find out anything you want.
– Luke Gayle, Transportation Specialist at Kendra Scott

Established in 2005, VeriShip was created by a shipping veteran, frustrated from the lack of visibility into carrier operations and the tedious manual auditing process. For more than a decade, our state-of-the-art software and shipping solutions have helped more than 5,000 businesses automate savings opportunities, uncover and harness more competitive rates, improve operations, hold carriers accountable and more.