Parcel Auditing

Increase your Bottom Line with the Parcel Audit. VeriShip’s proprietary, cloud-based software automatically downloads a copy of your carrier invoice and secures a full refund for every invalid surcharge and late delivery. 

VeriShip’s Parcel Audit Generates Real Savings

Recovering shipping expenses you shouldn’t have to pay for isn’t about placing blame, it’s about holding parcel carriers accountable to their promises. Our parcel audit software automatically secures refunds based on a multi-point shipping checklist that includes late deliveries, invalid surcharges, and more.

Good Decisions Start with Good Data

The parcel audit is incredibly easy and non-invasive. VeriShip connects our parcel audit software to your carrier invoice accounts in minutes, imports your electronic invoices from your carrier, and helps identify and secure refund opportunities.

Improve your Parcel Health

VeriShip’s parcel audit helps shippers generate real savings by claiming the refund opportunities hidden in the data. And, because VeriShip only charges a percentage of the money recovered, it is a no-risk option for companies that want to find simple ways that add up to massive savings opportunities.

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