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Parcel Pay

Automate your bill pay process with Parcel Pay. The ability to pay vendors efficiently, securely, and in a cost-effective manner is vital for any business to thrive.

Maximize Your Savings

As your partner in Parcel Intelligence, our priority is to provide multiple cost-savings opportunities and identify ways to improve operational efficiency.

Parcel Pay is a valuable service for your parcel savings toolbox.

  • Streamline and save time with the automation of the bill pay process
  • Receive more refunds with the parcel audit through optimal timing of payments in the billing cycle
  • Eliminate errors from manual work
  • Get enhanced visibility into carrier invoice reconciliation with detailed reporting
  • Make post-audit payments to FedEx easier (more holistic visibility of your credits while automating the post-audit payment process)
  • Consolidation of payments across carriers.
  • Eliminate late fees while optimizing cashflow timing
  • Simplify the reconciliation process

Are you missing refunds your carrier owes you?

When you pay your UPS or FedEx bill, you lose the right to any refunds they might owe you from that billing period. But if you time your payment correctly – not too early and not late – you can put that money back in your company’s pocket.

Ready to see more?

We can walk you through our platform and start to uncover savings.