5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Parcel Spend

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Articles

Parcel shippers must constantly monitor their parcel spend in order to find new opportunities to save money and recover lost funds. But the under-the-surface factors that contribute to parcel budget bloat are often even more critical.

Our recent e-book, The Cold Hard Truth, provides parcel shippers with the information they need to make smart decisions about managing their parcel spend. Here are a few of the more surprising statistics and facts from the e-book that parcel shippers should keep in mind when determining how best to reduce shipping costs:

  • On average, a whopping 31% of a carrier’s invoice is made up of additional fees like accessorials and surcharges.
  • Carrier agreements can have more than 600 negotiable attributes, each impacting the overall parcel spend in a different way.
  • Statistics suggest that parcel auditing produces an annual 2-5% savings return on your current parcel spend.
  • Parcel shippers utilizing a complete auditing, intelligence, and parcel engineering platform can potentially yield 20-50% savings on an annual parcel spend when the data is analyzed and leveraged to optimize the carrier agreement and network utilization tendencies.
  • You can renegotiate a parcel contract at any time with only 30 days notice.

Want more facts that can help you better manage your parcel spend? Get The Cold Hard Truthabout parcel shipping today by downloading the FREE e-book from VeriShip!

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