Amazon Audit: Get the Refunds You Deserve for Amazon’s Errors

by | Nov 5, 2020

1 min read


Any company as big as Amazon is bound to make a few mistakes — but they shouldn’t be at your expense. 

When you ship to an Amazon warehouse, they can make errors like losing or damaging your shipments, losing or damaging your inventory or even processing customer returns incorrectly. But they can’t find and fix every mistake — and neither can you. 

With Amazon Audit from VeriShip, you can run your business while we find Amazon’s errors and get you refunds on fees you weren’t supposed to pay — even from 18 months ago. We handle all the hard stuff and put money back in your pocket.

Amazon Audit is simple and seamless — so easy that some customers tell us they forget about us completely …until we secure more refunds for them.

Signing up for Amazon Audit is fast and free. Find out how much Amazon owes you today!

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