Amazon Offers 125,000 Full-Time Roles while UPS Expands Healthcare Efforts

by | May 29, 2020

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E-commerce Spike Prompts Amazon to Offer 125,000 Full-Time Roles

While jobs are withering, demand in online shipping is not. As the pandemic continues, millions of people are looking for work. NPR reported 2.1 million unemployment claims filed around the country last week. Shortly after, Amazon shared plans to help relieve those who are suffering in hopes that they could help combat the spike in online orders.

In response to the millions of people out of work, Amazon temporarily hired 175,000 workers to help aid in serving the E-commerce demand. Amazon is now offering to permanently keep 125,000 of these workers to help with the ever-growing rise in online shopping.

Initially, the hope was that the newly hired temporary workers would be able to return to their previous roles, as states started to re-open. Amazon is now allowing “125,000 of those workers to stay and shift into a regular full-time role beginning June 2020,” according to a recent blog post.

UPS Premier Technology Expands Healthcare Efforts

UPS announced that it would be expanding its efforts to help handle the growing demand for healthcare shipments. Combining existing tracking capabilities with sensor technology will allow for priority processing and implementation for any urgent healthcare shipments.

In support of their mission, the UPS Healthcare logistics unit released a new slogan, “ Quality focused. Patient Driven” according to the UPS Pressroom. While focusing on their supply chain, the unit wants to also consider UPS customers’ patients.

UPS will integrate these new plans into their existing UPS package network. By doing so, they will have a greater level of control over critical packages such as healthcare shipments. UPS is focused on providing their customers with supply chain assurance and quality in unprecedented times.

New advances in healthcare heighten such demand for these logistic capabilities. Shipments of things like pharmaceuticals drive the need for temperature and time sensitivity. UPS plans to be able to deliver such quality in order to keep their patient driven mission in mind.

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