Amazon to Develop Coronavirus Testing for Employees and USPS Continues to Struggle

by | Apr 17, 2020

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Amazon Moves Forward with Development of Coronavirus Testing

In a letter to Amazon shareholders, CEO Jeff Bezos said that the company is developing coronavirus testing for its employees. While the company hopes to expand its testing capabilities, it has said that the testing will begin with a small number of employees, even those who are not showing symptoms.

Bezos also said in the letter that he believes that “vastly more” testing needs to be done for there to be any hope that the U.S. economy will return to normal before the development of a vaccine.

“If every person could be tested regularly, it would make a huge difference in how we fight this virus,” Bezos said in the letter. “Those who test positive could be quarantined and cared for, and everyone who tests negative could re-enter the economy with confidence.”

Amazon currently employs 840,000 people, and in the past two months have opened 175,000 new jobs to meet the growing demand that the coronavirus pandemic has created. Besides implementing social distancing policies in Amazon warehouses, the company has also increased the minimum wages of all workers by $2.

Amazon increased safety measures in response to public outcry that the company was not doing enough to protect its workers. Just two weeks ago Amazon workers in New York walked off the job in protest of what they said were unsafe working conditions.

Americans Buy Stamps Online to Support Struggling USPS 

Many businesses are struggling under the pressures of the declining economy, and USPS is no exception. The carrier, which is funded by the federal government, is experiencing a major decrease in mail volume and declining revenue.

Since the pandemic has started, mail volume has decreased by nearly a third. With that large of a decline, it is projected that USPS will be short $13 billion for the year. While it is asking congress for financial rescue, there are no guarantees as President Trump may veto the bill.

The news that the postal service may be in jeopardy is a shock to many who are accustomed to the service that has been a hallmark of the shipping industry. Many Twitter users are calling on people to purchase stamps, online or in person, to help out USPS.

It would take a lot of stamps to meet USPS’s growing financial needs. The carrier is reportedly asking Congress for around $89 billion to help the service survive the economic downturn, so unless a lot of stamps are bought, the fate of the service will remain in the hands of lawmakers.

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