Weekly Roundup: Autonomous Ships and Anti-Theft Fail

by | Jun 17, 2019

2 min read


Shipping Industry Beings to Consider Autonomous Ships

This just in: Self-driving trucks are no longer the only vehicles being considered for autonomous shipping. Many logistics companies are now also considering the use of autonomous vessels in maritime transport.

A shift to autonomous ships would be a huge step for the logistics industry. Not only would there be no need for a crew on the ship, but carriers would also benefit from more fuel-efficient transport, furthering the dream of someday having accident-free shipping.

Although there are many upsides to the prospect, not all are convinced that autonomous shipping will be used anytime soon. The logistics involved with having many autonomous ships on the seas at once will require perfect coordination and flawless automation.

While it is a big leap, many think that the automation of ships is inevitable, and it is not a question of if, but when.

USPS Anti-Theft Tool Backfires

In April, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced that they would allow people to sign up for their new informed delivery system. The system is a free and optional notification telling residential consumers what packages to expect along with a digital preview of their mail.

This system was designed to combat theft by allowing residents to check if piece of mail or a package was stolen from them.

According to some, thieves might be benefiting from the system more than the residences. There have been reports of people signing up for the informed delivery system at homes that they do not live at. With the knowledge provided by the system, the thieves can know when valuable commodities are being sent to the home.

USPS is trying to close the loophole by sending a postcard in the mail that will alert a residence if their address has been setup for informed delivery system. Experts recommend that anyone who is worried about their home being signed up without their permission should call USPS and have the option blocked.