Up Data Creek? Here’s Your Paddle

by | Sep 13, 2017

2 min read


Data is like a river. It can rush at us at full speed, and it can be oppressive if we’re thrown into it without the proper tools to survive. For companies with large parcel expenses attempting to make sense of where their money goes (and what can be done to recover it when it’s needlessly lost), this challenge is especially great. As Big Data floods our lives, we need new tools that help us make sense of the data. That’s exactly what the VeriShip Intelligence Platform (VIP) does.

The VIP was borne of the need for companies to convert deeply complex shipping data points into simple, easily consumable and easy to understand information. We discovered that although providing clean, validated and convenient shipping data was making a difference in identifying areas for our customers to improve their parcel spend, customers needed a deeper level of analysis in order to optimize their spend.

If that wasn’t tricky enough, a worthwhile platform also needed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, configurable, and work in real-time. And most of all, we knew that the information needed to translate into strong, consumable visuals that created actionable intelligence.

These challenges are customer-specific, but also industry wide. To address them, we developed the VIP. And because parcel shipping is a rapidly evolving industry, the VIP is designed to evolve with it, providing insights that keep pace with the dynamic landscape of challenges and opportunities. The VIP makes sense of a rushing current of information crashing towards entire industries, helping companies use data as a tool to paddle with the tide rather than against it. And for an industry rife with parcel savings opportunities, it’s a much-needed tool at that.

The fact is: This is the direction all data-crunching, customer-empowering companies need to go. It’s not enough to simply generate and track data—it’s only in providing real-world, real-time data analysis and prescriptive insight that data becomes more than a rushing torrent of information.

To learn more about VIP and how it can uncover parcel savings opportunities for your company, click here.