FedEx Expands Home Delivery, Happy Returns Offers Sustainable Solution

by | Aug 29, 2019

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FedEx Expands Home Delivery to 11 States

According to a recent Supply Chain Dive article, FedEx Freight Direct has spread to 11 states.

The service, which was developed for the delivery of oversized items, moves “larger, bulkier items into customers’ homes and businesses.” Shipments can originate from anywhere in the U.S., but the destination has to be within one of these select zip codes.

As consumers continue purchasing large items online, many carriers see this a significant growth opportunity. Amazon has created fulfillment centers designed specifically for oversized items, and UPS has considered shipping bulky goods, as well.


Happy Returns Offers Sustainable Return Shipping Solution

Happy Returns, a consumer retail and E-commerce returns service, will now offer a cardboard-free returns solution.

By using recycled plastic tote containers, the company hopes to eliminate cardboard waste. According to a study by York Engineering, these reusable totes reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with packaging “by 0.12 pounds per item returned.” Additionally, they found that “The Happy Returns model also minimizes the amount of cardboard that would be required for return shipments – by nearly 73% in weight and 92% in area.”

Happy Returns’ totes also simplify the return process for customers. By using them, customers can avoid printing a label, finding the right size box, taping it up, etc. Not only are they easily sealed, they also don’t require shipping. Happy Returns’ network of in-person “return bars” allow customers to drop off returns at one of their central locations.


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