FedEx Prepares for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Warehouse Employment Hits All-Time High

by | Oct 7, 2020

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Warehouse Employment Is At An All-Time High

With eCommerce sales higher than ever before, warehouse employment has reached record levels, surpassing pre-pandemic numbers.  According to Supply Chain Dive, 1.25 million workers were reported in the warehouse storage sector in September.

The holidays are just around the corner, creating even more employment opportunities for peak season. Robotics and automated services can help out, there is still a need for manual work. 

As the pandemic fuels increased eCommerce demand, FedEx is adding 70,000 seasonal employees, while UPS and Amazon each plan to add 100,000. 


FedEx Ramps Up For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

In addition to gearing up for the holidays, FedEx is readying their operations for another type of peak season: the distribution of a coronavirus vaccine. 

Many vaccines require freezing temperatures for storage. The FedEx Express location at Memphis International Airport holds a cold center to hold perishables at necessary temperatures, including vaccines needing to be stored at -94 to -112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Their chilled storage facilities, refrigerated trucks and dry ice supply give FedEx an advantage over other carriers such as UPS and DHL. Vaccine shipments could lead to billions in additional revenue for FedEx, allowing them to add surcharges and renegotiate contracts to reflect the increase in demand. The start of vaccine shipping will be a test of how pricing will impact the market and it will be an opportunity to measure the success rate of FedEx reaching all of its locations at the appropriate time.