If you read this week’s Earth Day post, you know that many of today’s convenient shipping timelines come at a great sacrifice to our environment.

Feeling inspired by shippers who’ve taken steps toward more sustainable shipping solutions, we looked within our own customer base for clients who are doing the same.

Meal kit delivery services like HelloFresh serve up quality meals without the hassle of a trip to the grocery store. Some environmentally conscious customers may feel guilty about the packaging required to do so, but in truth, they don’t need to.

According to a recent NPR article, HelloFresh has a smaller carbon footprint than meals bought from the grocery store, “due to less food waste and a more streamlined supply chain.” A sizable portion of food’s carbon footprint comes from waste, which happens during distribution and consumption.

Furthermore, HelloFresh took additional steps toward more sustainable shipping solutions last fall when they switched to TemperPack’s ClimaCell liners. The liners perform the same as extruded polystyrene foam, but can be disposed of in curbside recycling bins alongside the HelloFresh boxes.

According to this article, “The impact of such a change is a big deal for the meal-kit service’s shipments, as the liner makes up more than 30 percent of an entire box’s volume, making it the largest piece of packaging. HelloFresh estimates that it will divert 15,000 tons of packaging waste from landfills every year with the change.”

What steps is your business taking to support our planet?

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