3 things we’re excited to share with you at Parcel Forum 19

by | Oct 17, 2019

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News flash: People love to get a bargain.

Right? When someone compliments you on your shirt or your new car, what’s the most awesome thing you can possibly say back to them?

“Thanks! I got a great deal on it!”

Obviously! We humans love saving money on the stuff we buy.  Getting a deal on anything – whether it’s a pair of shoes or a whole house – makes us feel better and happier. (Indeed, 40% of us feel smarter when we get a bargain and 46% of us like to brag about our deal-finding abilities.)

So it’s time to ask yourself: Are you getting a good deal on your shipping?

The reality is, you probably don’t know. Maybe you have a great relationship with your carrier rep and think they’re giving you the best deal they can. Maybe you just accept your rates and fees as the cost of doing business. Maybe you just don’t realize everything you’re paying for because your carrier agreement is so complex.


Why it’s so hard to save money on shipping

As tough as it might be to hear, your carriers make more money when you don’t realize where it’s all going. They hide it in the General Rate Increase and in complex agreements, and they rely on the fact that you’re probably not comfortable calling up a business similar to yours and asking them what they spend on their shipping.

So you’re in the dark about what you should be paying and you can’t find a way out. What’s the answer? Just like with pretty much anything these days, it’s technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the same technology that delivers you ads based on your web searches and filters out your email spam for you – can take the dull, time-consuming work out of searching through invoices and analyzing your shipping data and instead turn it into the information you need to understand exactly what you’re paying for.


Find the answers at Parcel Forum 19

Parcel Forum 19 is right around the corner, and the speakers and exhibitors will have plenty of advice about technologies that will bring savings and sanity to your shipping. Of course, we’re pretty partial to the one we’re demonstrating in Booth 228. When you’re at the show, stop by to learn more about all the new stuff we have to offer your business:


A new product: Most shippers don’t know that once you pay your carrier invoice, it’s too late to get any money back that you might be owed as a refund (say, for overnight delivery that didn’t take place). Parcel Pay times the payment of your carrier invoices so that you don’t accidentally pay a bill you’re due a refund on. It also takes the headaches out of managing your invoices across multiple carriers because we manage and pay them all for you.


A new partnership: Our new strategic partnership with Valence will be a game-changer for Amazon shippers. What we do with your carrier data, they do for your Amazon sales data. Like our platform reviews your invoices and searches for refunds you’re owed, the Valence software hunts down mistakes Amazon has made – then their team files the reimbursement paperwork for you so you can get your money back.


A chance to win: We’re giving away a $500 Amazon gift card to one lucky person who checks out our 10-minute demo. Even if you don’t win the card, don’t worry – you’ll already be a winner because you’ll walk away with new insights into ways you could be overpaying for your shipping.

While your neighbor or your best friend might not compliment you on the great deal you’ll get on shipping, we’re betting your CEO will. Stop by to see us at Parcel Forum 19 and we’ll help you find some savings to brag about at the office.

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