With the addition of G/L Coding Plus, VeriShip provides a streamlined approach to record keeping when it comes to your company’s shipments. This feature acts as a checks and balance system for all revenues and expenses, creating a tool to easily track and organize your company’s shipping accounts.

Our robust automated engine makes package classification and cost allocation simple by tying specific shipping charges from carrier invoices to unique groupings or categories you define in the rules. For accounting, it’s all about the general ledger accounts; you may have a different definition of inbound and outbound shipments that don’t align with how the carrier classifies them. We can help you classify your packages and report on them in ways that are most meaningful for your organization.

Improve Operational Efficiency

VeriShip’s G/L Coding tool is user friendly and makes it easy to manage organization rules, and helps you organize your company’s shipping expenses. The carriers’ data is messy and digesting it can be overwhelming and nearly impossible without the expertise and appropriate tools. G/L Coding Plus improves operational efficiency and provides more visibility into your shipping processes.

VeriShip customers that use G/L Coding Plus save valuable time and money and allocate into different parts of their business. After using the G/L Coding Plus tool, one customer noticed the time spent on cost allocation significantly reduced from four hours per week to a mere 10 minutes.

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