Meet Ryan: VeriShip CFO and Hot Sauce Aficionado

by | Jun 11, 2019

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Our ShipMates are to credit for creating and maintaining this culture and making VeriShip such a fun place to work.

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We know you’re a hot sauce enthusiast. In your opinion, who has the best wings in Kansas City?

The Peanut with their peppery spicy wings, and Q39 with their BBQ wings.

What is your favorite part about working at VeriShip so far?

  1. The people – Everyone is fun, welcoming, humble and real.
  2. The tech – I came from a tech organization, so I’m totally enamored by what we’re using here and what we’ve built. It really is cutting-edge technology.
  3. The product itself and the value proposition – I’ve spent over a decade building business cases that were either about creating new revenue or cutting out expenses, and most of them had three-year pay-backs. Our product is self-funding, which is amazing, and it’s easy for people to adopt. I think that combination is really special.

What does your typical day off look like?

If it’s a weekend, it’s being spent with kids and usually involves sports. There’s also the occasional ‘Mom and I will take a day off and have a date’ day, where we go to the movies or something like that. That’s always fun. But, most of the time is just family time.

What is one fun fact that you’ve learned recently?

So, I initially didn’t believe this when I heard it, but McDonald’s tried to make a bubble gum flavored broccoli when they were trying to make Happy Meals more healthy. Obviously, they found apple and orange slices more effective.

Do you have pets? If so, how many and what kind?

Yes. We have two dogs.

If we asked your pet for a reference, what would they say about you?

That I’m good at delegating and making a lot of noise when things don’t get done (like, them getting fed). They’d probably also like to be petted more.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“The fastest way to get things done is to stop talking and start doing.” – Walt Disney

“Bloom where you’re planted.” I like the idea that no matter where you’re at, you can make a difference.]

What are three items you couldn’t live without?

  1. Oxygen
  2. Water
  3. Food

What is the best purchase you’ve ever made?

A wedding ring


…Cue the “Awwww”!

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