Understanding the meaning – and value – of parcel intelligence

by | Jun 8, 2017

2 min read


Recently, in a letter addressed to VeriShip’s customers and partners, I wrote that if I were to pick a phrase of the month, actionable intelligence was the obvious choice.

“Providing actionable intelligence has been a mission of ours,” I wrote, sharing the details of the newly launched “next generation” reporting engine within the VeriShip Intelligence Platform (VIP).

To VeriShip’s customers, the announcement’s implication was clear and the response enthusiastic – during the first two weeks of availability, use of the enhanced On-Demand Reports feature increased by 300% week-over-week. In fact, many of the 3,300-plus businesses with which we work have become conditioned to understand their parcel shipping spend, and they engage actively and productively – supported by the wealth of parcel data from the VIP at their fingertips – with their FedEx or UPS reps.

(Yes, the VIP can be habit forming).

Typically, customers also are familiar with competing tools and services – often some variation of parcel auditing or carrier contract negotiation – available in the marketplace. They’re certainly aware of capability gaps and weaknesses.

Still, a sizeable majority of companies who commonly ship packages by UPS or FedEx and would see immediate cost savings and operational efficiency improvements by analyzing and acting on their parcel data aren’t aware of the opportunity they’re missing. And those that are aware often don’t know where to start.

Maybe that describes you or your business?

As VeriShip Intelligence Platform product manager Jason Reeves wrote for PARCEL Media, “When it comes to your parcel data, what you don’t know can hurt you. Much of the cost of parcel shipping is affected by what happens after the package leaves your location. The good news? Relevant, actionable data is more accessible – without exhausting time or resources – than you might think.”

While the value of artificial intelligence and big data insights are ubiquitous across industries – it certainly was a hot topic at Shoptalk earlier this year – the trick is making it accessible and easily usable for parcel shippers.

To come full circle, that’s where VeriShip’s advanced reporting engine comes in, informing cost-conscious parcel decision making with point-and-click ease-of-use and flexibility for any role in an organization, whether logistics supervisor, operations director, Chief Financial Officer or roles somewhere in between.

Our customers have adopted actionable intelligence in their strategic lexicon. Have you?