UPS Seeks Exemption From New Regulations

by | Jul 1, 2019

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UPS Requests Exemption From Federal Driver Regulations

UPS hopes to be exempt from new federal regulations that will require driving instructors to have at least two years of commercial driving experience. The requirement, which is set to go into effect in 2020, would also force UPS to register each of the company’s training sites.

UPS believes that their system of training driving instructors is satisfactory and worries about the impact that the new requirements would have on the company. According to their request, 25% of current UPS driving instructors would no longer be eligible to instruct under the new requirement, and such a significant loss to their driving instruction staff will force the company to make “substantial adjustments to its operations.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has yet to announce if they will approve the exemption request, and they are accepting comments until July 19.

Study Shows Amazon Customers Spend More With Same-Day Delivery

A recent study, which was summarized by CNBC, shows that Amazon customers who have access to same-day delivery are likely to spend more money than those who do not have the option.

According to the study, 48% of Amazon customers with same-day delivery said they would spend more than $800 annually. This rate is 15% higher than the 33% of customers without the option.

There is also evidence that same-day delivery leads prime members to use Amazon more often and exhibit a greater level of loyalty to the company. The data shows that 77% of same-day delivery users will purchase goods from Amazon two to three times per month compared to the 50% of customers without same-day delivery. 41% of same-day delivery customers also plan to spend more money on Amazon in the next year compared to 21% of customers without same-day delivery.

The data in the study supports the huge financial investment that Amazon has committed to same-day delivery. Amazon announced in April that they would be spending $800 million this quarter to make one-day delivery a reality for its prime members.

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