UPS Suspends Surcharges, Amazon Implements New Charge

by | Aug 25, 2019

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UPS to Suspend Surcharges During 2019 Holiday Season

In an attempt to boost the customer experience, UPS recently announced that it will not collect additional surcharges on U.S. residential deliveries this holiday season. “This announcement enables UPS customers to plan now for a great holiday shopping season and to satisfy their customers,” UPS Chairman and CEO David Abney said in a release.

The carrier plans to leverage savings from its newly expanded aircraft network and automated sortation facilities to combat the lack of surcharges. More than 75% of holiday packages will pass through these automated facilities.

However, other peak surcharges will remain intact. While regular packages won’t receive a surcharge, UPS will be adding special peak surcharges for over-maximum, large packages, and items requiring special handling.


Amazon Implements New Charge on Oversized Packaging

Speaking of surcharges, Amazon will attempt to cut down on waste and maximize profits with their new package guidelines.

Beginning September 3, Amazon will start fining third-party sellers who ship their products in oversized packages. The e-tailer hopes this will not only reduce shipping costs, but benefit the environment as well.

Packages that don’t meet these guidelines will be subject to a $1.99 surcharge, which the seller must pay. However, to ease sellers’ pain, Amazon will give a $1 credit for any package that does not meet their new requirements. Still, for sellers with tight margins, these rules could present a problem…

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