New Postmaster General to Combat USPS Challenges as Amazon Tests New COVID-19 Safety Device

by | Jun 18, 2020

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New Postmaster General Outlines Plans to Combat USPS Challenges

The United States Postal Office has faced a surge in package deliveries amidst COVID-19 and long-term financial struggles that could prevent the agency from running next year. 

Despite such setbacks, a new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, took office Monday. Louis outlined his plans in a video message sent to all USPS employees. 

Dejoy expressed his interest in working to address the challenges the USPS has faced. He plans to do so by “identifying new and creative ways for USPS to fulfill its mission with a focus on efficiency” the Federal News Network reported. 

Both USPS leadership and Congress have pushed for a restructuring of the agency. The new postmaster general plans to “develop a business operating model that will allow it to meet its universal service obligation” and put it on a “trajectory for success.” 


Amazon Tests New COVID-19 Safety Device in Warehouses 

Amazon has recently begun testing a wearable device that notifies warehouse employees when they are too close to each other. 

The device is described to be “a clear plastic sleeve with a clip that features an LED light and audio system,” according to a memo seen by CNBC. When workers get too close to one another, the device beeps and the light flashes. 

Amazon is testing the device on daytime workers, in hopes of improving the safety of all employees while COVID-19 continues. Workers are asked to return the device at the end of each shift and share feedback, which Amazon will evaluate when deciding whether or not to implement the device amongst all of its facilities.

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