USPS Tests Initiatives to Combat the Spread of Coronavirus and Amazon Considers the Purchase of J.C. Penney

by | May 22, 2020

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USPS Introduces New Coronavirus Prevention Techniques for Employees

The postal service is testing out new initiatives to limit the spread of the coronavirus to employees. The initiatives include temperature checks and more widespread testing than the agency is currently performing.

According to Government Executive, USPS has had over 2,000 employees who either tested positive for coronavirus or were presumed positive. This has resulted in the isolation of more than 15,000 workers, which accounts for almost 3% of the agency’s total workforce.

USPS is currently working with unions to decide on the terms for the new initiatives. According to the agency, all temperature checks would be voluntary and employees would be sent home if they had a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees.

The testing of these initiatives will take place in three USPS locations in Virginia and one in Oklahoma City. If the programs prove successful, the agency will look at the feasibility of expanding the initiatives to more facilities.

USPS has promised that any employee who gets sent home after a temperature check or after testing positive for coronavirus will receive emergency paid leave.

Amazon Reportedly Considering Purchasing Bankrupt J.C. Penney

On Monday, J.C. Penney reported the closing of 250 brick and mortar stores as the company juggles the coronavirus pandemic and its bankruptcy filing. Reports are now saying that Amazon is considering purchasing the retailer.

While no confirmations have been made from the e-commerce giant, the company is reportedly planning to buyJ.C. Penney to expand its reach into the apparel space and to use old stores as warehouses.

Amazon is no stranger to buying brick and mortar stores. In 2017, the company bought Whole Foods for more than $13 billion. This purchase allowed Amazon to become a major player in the grocery industry.

While the stock market is volatile at the moment, Amazon stock reacted favorably to the reports. According to a survey by Kearney, investing and making purchases during this economic downturn period is seen as a smart move by 70% of executives.

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