VeriShip Launches Enhanced and Expanded Partner Program

by | Dec 10, 2015

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Overland Park, Kan. – VeriShip Parcel Accountability, a Kansas City-based parcel audit and intelligence company announced today that it is taking steps to further increase the value of its partner program.

VeriShip offers two ways to partner with the company: as either a Referral Partner or Private Label Partner. In addition to enabling partners to diversify and expand offerings to financial and logistics customers, partners benefit from access to premium sales enablement and domain expertise while solving customer pain points.

“In addition to our ‘3D’ approach to parcel accountability—Data, Diagnosis, and Design, the enhancement of our partner program sets VeriShip apart from the rest of the field,” said Greg Unruh, Director, Channel & Strategic Alliances. “It’s one thing to develop cutting edge parcel technology. It’s quite another thing to have a proven partner program and ecosystem of both Referral and Private Label Partners to take that technology to market.”

As part of this launch, partners will have immediate access to a redesigned partner portal. The portal includes a knowledge center, training materials, visualization tools, sales tools, and VeriShip’s Opportunity Management System (OMS). The portal will serve as a centralized hub for everything needed for partners to better leverage their relationship with VeriShip.

VeriShip’s unique 3D approach offers billions of data points with greater insights into parcel savings opportunities by providing actionable intelligence to more than 3,300 customers. The portal is another part of the complete parcel accountability offerings only available from VeriShip.

“Four years ago, MMD Financial expanded our menu of business solutions through strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses that are leaders in their fields,” said Ron DeSantis, President of MMD Financial LLC. “VeriShip’s cutting edge technology and the quality of their people have provided great outcomes for our shared customers. VeriShip has been a great partner to work with.”

About VeriShip

VeriShip is a cloud-based parcel audit and intelligence company providing innovative parcel audit, intelligence and engineering solutions. More than 3,300 customers have uncovered significant cost savings using its turnkey software for real time analysis and benchmarking of parcel spend.