VeriShip Releases New Parcel Contract Negotiations E-Book

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Featured, In the Press

VeriShip, a Kansas City-based parcel audit and intelligence company, will release their second e-book March 30, 2016.

“In an industry where access to relevant benchmarking information is not always easily accessible and carrier contracts can seem like moving targets with ever-changing surcharges, fees, and accessorials, this e-book peels back the curtain on a complex topic impacting many in the logistics industry,” Andy Brueckner, Vice President of Business Solutions at VeriShip, said.

Based on more than a decade of experience in parcel data auditing, analysis, and contract engineering, the e-book provides industry insights for parcel shippers attempting to negotiate better rates with their parcel carrier. Entitled “An Ace Up Your Sleeve: The Parcel Contract Negotiations Handbook,” this free content features case studies, tips and tricks for parcel shippers negotiating with carriers, and a full Q&A with two experts in parcel data analysis and contract negotiation.

“Through content and resources like this, VeriShip hopes to bring to light many of the issues that parcel shippers might not even realize affect their business’s bottom line,” said Travis Rhoades, Director of Data Science at VeriShip.

Created with parcel logistics insights gained from 3,300+ customers, comprehensive benchmarking data, and more than a decade of industry expertise from two VeriShip parcel experts, Andy Brueckner and Travis Rhoades, “An Ace Up Your Sleeve” gives parcel shippers the information they need to begin the process of negotiating better rates for their parcel spend.

The e-book is available March 30, 2016 for free download at

About VeriShip

VeriShip is a cloud-based parcel audit and intelligence company providing innovative parcel audit, intelligence and engineering solutions. More than 3,300 customers have uncovered significant cost savings using our turnkey software for real time analysis and benchmarking of parcel spend.

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