Get the Most Bang for Your Shipping Buck with These 5 Solutions

by | Jun 30, 2020

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We hate to break it to you, but you’re probably overpaying for your shipping. 

You overpay when you’re charged incorrectly, when you miss out on refunds you’re owed, when you don’t know what to ask for in carrier contract negotiations and when you can’t see the big picture of your shipping operations.

Your carrier knows everything about what you ship, where you ship it, when, how fast, and much, much more — shouldn’t you have all that information too? You do, but it’s so difficult to locate, gather, understand, and act on that you end up paying more for shipping than you should — way more.

But with VeriShip by your side, you won’t go it alone any longer. Their whole business is helping you understand your shipping data and how to make it work harder for you.

VeriShip has a suite of solutions that make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your shipping buck. Each one is designed to address a specific pain point in your shipping operations, combining powerful technology with the insights of VeriShip’s expert analysts to save you money.

Amazon Audit captures Amazon’s errors as far back as 18 months and makes sure you get the refunds you’re owed. These mistakes can cost you 1 to 3 percent of your sales — but VeriShip won’t let them slide. Their experts know the ins and outs of Fulfillment by Amazon and have you covered.

Parcel Audit protects your bottom line by automatically detecting billing errors hidden in your carrier files and resolving them for you. It shines a light on issues with your shipping operations you might not otherwise notice, and it’s an effortless, no-risk way to hold your carrier accountable and save money each month.

Parcel Pay makes sure you pay every shipping invoice on time — but never without getting any refunds you’re owed first. It puts all your invoices in one spot for easy access and leaves the heavy lifting of organizing, timing, and paying them to VeriShip. Plus you get 1 percent back on all your invoice payments.

Contract Engineering digs through nearly 600 negotiable contract components to uncover pricing and payment terms that have the biggest impact on your shipping spend. Then the VeriShip team creates an easy-to-follow game plan for you to negotiate better terms with your carrier, armed with your secret weapon: your data.

The VeriShip Intelligence Platform is where it all comes together. There you’ll monitor your shipping performance in one simple place and get insights into how all the variables of your shipping operations affect your customers and your bottom line. You’ll be able to identify valuable savings and benchmark your rates against those of other companies like yours. It’s a powerful tool for improving your shipping operations and your carrier rates.

If you want to stop overpaying for your shipping, but you aren’t sure where to start, the experts at VeriShip are ready to help. The process is fast, easy, and painless.

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