Amazon Gets More Aggressive with Shipping

by | Apr 15, 2019

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Report: Amazon directly challenges UPS, FedEX

This just in: Amazon is now offering direct-to-consumer shipping services in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York/New Jersey.

According to this recent article, Amazon is bypassing its fulfillment centers with a new service, “Amazon Shipping.”

Select Amazon sellers in these markets can print Amazon shipping labels directly from their dashboards. Amazon will then pick up the packages and deliver them directly to consumers.

With this type of shipping structure, Amazon now competes with carriers like UPS and FedEX.

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Amazon Shipping Now Delivering Nationally from NYC, LA

Amazon-focused research firm TJI Research recently released this report, saying that Amazon Shipping will deliver packages directly to domestic consumers seven days a week with a five-day delivery promise on most orders.

We’re not sure how many sellers were invited to participate, but it’s clear that Amazon Shipping as a national ground shipping service is “real and growing.”

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