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Are You Making These Common Shipping Mistakes?

Shipping is incredibly complex. If you ship with UPS, FedEx, Amazon Fulfillment or DHL, there are a ton of ways you could be wasting money without even knowing it.


Learn how you can:

  • Uncover invalid surcharges
  • Secure refunds you’re owed
  • Strengthen your shipping operations
  • Improve and offset rate increases
  • Negotiate an industry-leading contract

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Saving money for customers across industries

What customers are saying


“I did some digging comparing our rate of success in getting credits from FedEx™ through our internal audit process vs. the VeriShip audit process. We were blown away. Our success rate was pretty dismal. We are delighted with the results for the VeriShip audit service.”

Steve Kolecki

Logistics | Stewart MacDonald, Inc.


“We have been using VeriShip for 2 years. We do not have the resources to manually audit invoices. VeriShip has stepped in and saved us a lot of money without us having to add any additional resources. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Excellent people and company.”

Tedd Mudd

Purchasing Manager | Hubbardton Forge


“We were very satisfied with [the audit]. The initial setup was very simple. It resulted in free money that we were not getting otherwise, so it’s definitely worthwhile. That experience with VeriShip were what kept us around for the additional offerings.”

William Solomon

Senior Director of Products |


“We have a long-term relationship with our FedEx™ rep and working with VeriShip really wasn’t an issue. Since VeriShip has a lot of market data, the proposal is realistic and our rep knows we’re not asking for the impossible.”

Bruno Lucidarme

Controller, Organic By Nature, Inc.