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We go beyond the audit.

​Get the data, dashboard and expertise to capture parcel refunds and maximize future efficiency.

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Amazon Audit

Even Amazon makes mistakes. We find errors and claim refunds.

Parcel Audit

We find and reverse billing errors and claim refunds you’re owed.

Bill Pay

We streamline shipping invoice payments to save you money.

Contract Engineering

We negotiate better rates and let you know how your rates compare.

Intelligence Platform

Use big data to uncover savings opportunities.

Amazon Audit

Nobody’s perfect – not even Amazon. In fact, Amazon can make as many as 30 mistakes when handling your FBA inventory, which happen at all stages of the inventory lifecycle.

Capture Amazon’s errors as far back as 18 months and recoup refunds you’re owed.

Parcel Audit

Invalid surcharges eat away at your bottom line. Automatically detect billing errors hidden in your carrier files and secure refunds you’re owed.

The best part: If we don’t save you money, you don’t pay us.

Bill Pay

Manually paying your carrier invoices wastes time and resources. Our auto-pay solution pays you.

When you pay your carrier bill, you lose the right to any refunds they might owe you from that billing period. By automatically timing your payment correctly – not too early and not too late – we’ll put that money back in your company’s pocket.

Contract Engineering

One carrier contract contains nearly 600 negotiable components, and none are immune to rate hikes. Learn how carrier rate increases will affect each area of your business, and how to negotiate better terms.

VeriShip Intelligence Platform

Carrier files are complex, which makes analyzing shipping data near impossible. Get a clean yet holistic view of your operations with our big data platform.

As your partner in parcel intelligence, we’ll help you understand your data story and uncover savings opportunities.