VeriShip Intelligence Platform

Our Platform drives expense savings, provides valuable insights you can use to drive sales growth, and gives clarity into your shipping operations.

VeriShip Intelligence Platform

Your data points are cleanly displayed into an intuitive dashboard enabling customers to extract in-depth parcel analysis with predictive analytics and a robust reporting engine.

  • With more than 5,400 clients and 1.3 trillion data points in our system, we’ll benchmark your rates and identify valuable savings and optimization opportunities.
  • Monitor your shipping performance over time, identify new savings and view your Parcel Audit credits and Contract Engineering savings.
  • The VIP provides a deep dive into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), scheduled and on-demand reports, carrier rate impact analyses, alerts, and expansive coding options.

G/L Coding

​Streamline your record keeping. Our robust automated engine makes package classification and cost allocation simple by tying specific shipping charges from carrier invoices to unique groupings or categories you define in the rules.

  • G/L Coding improves operational efficiency by providing insight into company shipping processes, as well as packages leaving and entering your warehouses.
  • Your team receives visibility into rules results, the number of packages that have a code applied to them, total package weights, and net charges associated to each code.
  • G/L Coding acts as a checks-and-balances system for all revenues and expenses, creating a tool to easily track and organize your company’s shipping accounts.

Data Bridge

The VeriShip Data Bridge (VDB) enables businesses to bridge the gap between what happens to a package before it’s manifested and all that happens after.

  • Data Bridge provides you with all shipping data needed to understand your packages’ TRUE Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).
  • Cleaning carrier invoices is a painful process because their files are consistently inconsistent. Data Bridge provides you with a clean and consistent data file.
  • Through the Data Bridge, the refined carrier data is uploaded weekly via FTP or sFTP to your server, so you can import it into your preferred single source of truth system.

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