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UPS Benchmarking

UPS Benchmarking Information Is Key to Carrier Agreement Negotiations

A parcel audit is a great first step towards parcel saving, but don’t over look your carrier agreement. It’s the best place to look for long-term opportunities to reduce costs within your shipping spend. Shippers don’t realize they’re usually able renegotiate their carrier agreement with UPS® at any time, so long as they provide the carrier with 30 days’ notice. Successfully negotiating better rates is complicated because UPS benchmarking information is not made readily available to shippers. Fortunately, VeriShip can benchmark your rates based on data we’ve collected from millions of invoices over the past decade.

Because these UPS benchmarking numbers—or what many industries might call “comps”—are not as easily accessible, it’s challenging for shippers to get the data they need to successfully negotiate the rates they deserve. Consequently, even after renegotiating their carrier agreement, many shippers may not have rates that serve their best interests or offer them the best possible terms.

Working with a company who can assist in your carrier agreement negotiations by providing you with the UPS benchmarking information will set you up for success. Because VeriShip has worked with thousands of shippers for more than a decade, resulting in some of the best and most comprehensive UPS benchmarking information in the industry, we provide a data-based approach that sets us apart in the industry and is proven to produce greater results for our customers.

Our data scientists and parcel experts analyze your carrier agreement with objective real-time benchmarking through the VeriShip Intelligence Platform (VIP) and provides custom optimizations for your parcel environment. Customers that use our UPS benchmarking data to influence their approach to carrier agreement negotiations save 10% or more of their overall parcel spend.

VeriShip’s unique, data-based approach helps many shippers successfully negotiate fairer rates so they are comparable with other shippers of similar size and profile. To compare your current contract rates against our proprietary UPS benchmarking data, contact VeriShip.