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Audit & Insights

Our Audit & Insights Platform drives expense savings, provides valuable insights you can use to drive efficiency and sales growth, and gives clarity into your shipping operations. Learn more…

Contract Engineering

It’s one thing to recover parcel dollars lost. It’s another thing to uncover new opportunities to save money. Arm your business with a negotiation playbook based on data science methodologies designed to level the playing field with FedEx and UPS. Learn more…

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Audit & Insights


I did some digging comparing our rate of success in getting credits from FedEx through our internal audit process vs. the VeriShip audit process. We were blown away. Our success rate was pretty dismal. We are delighted with the results for the VeriShip audit service.

Steve Kolecki

Logistics | Stewart MacDonald, Inc.
We have been using VeriShip for 2 years. We do not have the resources to manually audit invoices. VeriShip has stepped in and saved us a lot of money without us having to add any additional resources. The data specialists are easy to work with. The website is easy to use and has many reports that we use on a regular basis. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Excellent people and company.

Tedd Mudd

Purchasing Manager | Hubbardton Forge
We were very satisfied with [the audit]. The initial setup was very, very simple. It resulted in free money that we were not getting otherwise, so it's definitely worthwhile. Ultimately, that experience and satisfaction with VeriShip were what kept us around for the additional offerings.

William Solomon

Senior Director of Products and Special Projects |
We have a long-term relationship with our FedEx rep and working with VeriShip really wasn't an issue. Since VeriShip has a lot of market data, the proposal is realistic and our rep knows we're not asking for the impossible.

Bruno Lucidarme

Controller, Organic By Nature, Inc.
My experience with VeriShip has been stellar. Our company has received great service and support with parcel audit services as well as providing an in-depth understanding of our shipping metrics via the VeriShip Intelligence Platform. This excellent service has allowed our company to negotiate better rates for our shipping needs. I look forward to a profitable working relationship with VeriShip far into the future.

Sharryl Jennell-Sutherland

Chief Financial Officer, Bedinabox, LLC
Easiest savings we ever found. VeriShip set us up in a matter of days and the audit was running. The 'hard savings' are nice but we see the bigger opportunity in the 'soft' savings. VeriShip has helped us move toward our continuous cost and process improvement goals with real savings and great tools.

Pat Rushton

SVP Supply Chain, The Tharp Robbins Company
VeriShip has the market intel and tools to make sure you receive competitive rates.

Bruno Lucidarme

Controller, Organic By Nature, Inc.
Since 2015, VeriShip has been auditing our FedEx shipments and finding savings for us. The success of the ongoing audit is what made us feel confident in having VeriShip facilitate our contract engineering project for us.

Steve Wahl

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Best Home Furnishings
After our meeting today and reviewing everything, I really cannot think of a reason to not do this.

Mary Ehlers

VP of Operations, American Retail Supply

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