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Parcel Intelligence Bundle

The VeriShip Intelligence Bundle reduces your Parcel spend while empowering you to hold the carriers accountable to their commitments, get continuous insights into your shipping performance, and leverage a suite of tools to make it easier to pay, track, and allocate your shipping expenses.

Parcel Audit

Secure refunds automatically with the industry’s most thorough, data science driven audit. Our audit points include late deliveries, invalid surcharges, proof of delivery, and many more. You receive 100% of the refunds recovered by the Parcel Audit.

VeriShip Intelligence Platform

Billions of data points are cleanly displayed into an intuitive dashboard enabling customers to extract in-depth parcel analysis with predictive analytics and a robust reporting engine.

G/L Coding

Streamline your record keeping. Our robust automated engine makes package classification and cost allocation simple by tying specific shipping charges from carrier invoices to unique groupings or categories you define in the rules.

Raw CSV input Refined CSV output

Data Bridge

The VeriShip Data Bridge (VDB) enables businesses to bridge the gap between what happens to a package before it’s manifested and all that happens after.

Parcel Pay

Automate your bill pay process with Parcel Pay. The ability to pay vendors efficiently, securely, and in a cost-effective manner is vital for any business to thrive.

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