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We Are Your Partners in Parcel

Help your customers, share in their savings. Uncover opportunities for additional savings through VeriShip’s Partner Program. 

Why Partner with VeriShip?

VeriShip’s approach to parcel intelligence is a proven, no risk way for companies to recover dollars lost due to broken promises, carrier errors, or parcel carrier agreements that no longer suit their needs. Uncover financial opportunities through VeriShip’s Partner Program.

Referral Partner – Enable Your Connections to Optimize their Shipping Behavior

Your most valuable asset is your relationship with your customers and VeriShip generates immediate ROI for those customers. By referring VeriShip to potential clients who could benefit from our offerings, you will also get rewarded with a commission.

Make our Referral Partner program an important part of your business by extending your portfolio of products and services with our industry-leading parcel audit and intelligence technology and enhancing the value you bring to your loyal customers.

Alliance Partner – Share in Our Mission to Bring Visibility to our Clients

As an Alliance Partner, there are many ways to create value through data, visibility, and insights. Contact us to discuss a potential opportunity.

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We can walk you through our platform and start to uncover savings.

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