Parcel Benchmarking: More Precise Than Ever

by | Dec 4, 2017

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Featured in PARCEL: Benchmarking Means More Than You’ve Been Told

Travis Rhoades, Director of Data Science for VeriShip, wrote an article for the November/December issue of PARCEL and for An excerpt is below.

How many parcel shippers truly read the story their parcel data tells? The reason I ask: To have a discussion about parcel benchmarking against other businesses, the data — be it from invoices, transit and tracking information, your carrier agreement, or carrier rate and accessorial details — is the story.

But that’s too often forgotten or ignored because the term benchmarking has become a generic buzzword that has lost real meaning — another piece of marketing jargon used by vendors as a “me-too.”

So, let’s first separate the cliché from the reality.

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